Discovering Mammoth Cave National Park

If you’re into exploring subterranean areas, there is no greater place to visit that Mammoth Cave National Park. This is the longest cave system in the world, and travelers have been pulling up in their RV rentals to enjoy the unbelievable sites for many decades. This is truly an otherworldly wonderland where you will see and experience sites and activities that just cannot be had anywhere else on the planet. A long stay is recommended, and then you’re here make sure to take full advantage of these activities which will guarantee that you experience this region fully.

Take A Cave Tour

The cave tours at Mammoth Park are unlike any other subterranean tour you have ever taken. These are not for amateurs. The tours here involve walking for miles deep within the caves, getting on your hands and knees at certain points to crawl through small areas, and scaling rock formation. Many of the tours last as long as five our six hours. Needless to say, these are very involved tours and they will help you experience the deep majesty of these caverns in their fullest form. You’ll be able to check out all the unique rock formations, massive underground rooms, and crystal clear underground ponds and rivers.

Go On A Water Adventure

This region isn’t only famous for its caves. There are unbelievable opportunities for rafting and kayaking up on ground level. As a mater of fact, there are over 30 miles of prime kayaking on two separate rivers right in the general vicinity. You can rent a watercraft or bring your own. You can take a guided tour or set out on your own if you’re experienced. This will also allow you to get a look at the unbelievable scenery which includes sinkholes, bluffs, and miles and miles of lush forest.

Violet City Tour

If you’re in the mood for a lighter activity that doesn’t involve crawling through caves or fighting white water, then check out a violet city tour, which is a calmer, friendlier way to explore the caves. You will be given a lantern on these tours and guided through some of the easier passageways, experiencing the caverns just like the first settlers of the region. There are old settlement remnants down here, including an underground hospital, and you will also learn about the mummies that have been discovered in the various passageways. You won’t get dirty on one of these tours and the route is far more forgiving that one of the more involved cave expeditions.

Camp In The Backcountry

Visitors looking to get away from the other campers in their RV rentals will be advised to go for an overnight stay in the backcountry. There are a dozen very peaceful campsites located in this region where you can camp out in relative solitude and check out the rugged Kentucky backlands including deep forest, tangled bluffs, and lots of peace and quiet. There are dozens of creeks to check out in the forest, and many miles of excellent hiking trails to take advantage of. If you’re looking for a true backcountry woodland experience, this is it.

Explore The Frozen Niagara

This section of the cave is a true site to behold. The rock formation here looks like a massive, intricate frozen waterfall. It is truly one of the most striking things you will see in your lifetime. There are a number of tours that cover the waterfall area so make sure to include them in one of your tours or to arrange a specific Niagara tour. These are the types of rock formations that have been intriguing underground explorers for centuries, and there are no other known formations in the world quite like this. These are definitely the centerpiece of the Mammoth Cave experience, and any of the tours are going to have it on their schedule. Even if you aren’t necessarily into the caving experience, you should definitely check this once-in-a-lifetime site out when you’re in the region since you won’t get the opportunity to see anything like this ever again. This space is also known to have meditative powers, with its cool, refreshing air and stunning formations creating a peaceful atmosphere for visitors.

Mammoth Cave National Park is a true wonder of the world and has rightfully gained a massive reputation amongst RV rentals travelers. This park is relatively uncrowded when compared with some of the other National Parks and offers many sites and activities beyond just the caves. There is enough here to keep anybody occupied for a great many days, so make sure to book a long stay so that you can get it all in and experience this wondrous region to the full. You’ll never regret it when you pull up to Mammoth Caves on any road trip.

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