If You Want To Experience Something New – Book Yourself a Sydney Harbour Cruise

We are always looking to experience something different in our lives, but it is unusual to be able to experience something completely new in this life that you haven’t done in some form or another before. The romantics among us are particularly looking for a new slant on how romantic that we can be and it’s always the usual, flowers and dinner when it comes to trying to impress our other half. Thankfully, some people have stepped up to the plate and come up with a new range of ideas that many of us have never had the opportunity to do before. These new ideas involve us going back to the sea where we once originated from.

You can now take part in Sydney harbour cruises and it doesn’t really get any more special or romantic than this. You get to sail right past the Sydney Opera House with the one that you love or with your best friends and family members and it creates a memory that will stay with you until it’s time to check out. What is more, you could be fortunate to catch a glimpse of a whale or two and that would really put the proverbial icing on the cake as far as great days out are concerned. There are so many activities to do and we will look at just a couple of them here today.

  1. Office parties and especially office Christmas parties are a feature that everyone should enjoy. You get to have your night on one of the tall ships in the harbour and they provide music, entertainment and drinks as part of the package. If you are teetotal, there is a selection of soft drinks available as well. They also offer great food menus that can be vegetarian or gluten free and they will pick you up within the city and after the party leave you back there as well.
  2. New Year’s Eve is a big night for everyone, no matter where you are based in the country and they offer a night to remember for this as well. They offer a family fireworks display that is just fantastic and then another midnight fireworks display for the adults who want to ring in the New Year. There is a live band on the night and beverages, alcohol and otherwise available as part of their total price. It is definitely a night that you will remember.

These are but a few of the many things on offer and you really need to check out their website or give them a call to know all that they have. Contact them today and have the day or night of your life.

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