The Path to Harmony: How Two Entirely Different Countries Come Together

Disparity and the many differences between the way people live is often the reason why certain countries find it so hard to get alone. While it’s certainly the goal to achieve diplomatic harmony as an international presence which is never a bad thing, it can be challenging to accomplish because of the many differences in culture all around the world. In a situation like this, it’s understandable to assume that some countries just cannot get along – but a little bit of cultural appreciation and respect can go a very long way.

Achieving harmony is no easy feat, but it’s not impossible. As a matter of fact, when it comes to the relationship between Japan and Russia – two very different countries – the efforts of a single organisation have been enough to make a real impact on how the two view each other. The International Chodiev Foundation has worked tirelessly to help improve the relations between Russia and Japan, and they do so by concentrating on the sharing of cultures.

How cultures can build bridges

While the immense differences between cultures can be cited as the reason for misunderstandings, they can also be cited as the main reason people grow so fascinated by other cultures. For example, the founder of the foundation mentioned above has always had an interest in Japanese culture. Dr Patokh Chodiev has dedicated himself to improving relations through culture, and he’s been very successful thus far. His foundation has sponsored large projects in the form of festivals and exhibitions that have made a real impact on diplomatic relations between Japan and Russia. The reason why is because respect of another country’s culture is one of the keys to harmony. After all, how can countries get along if they don’t even respect how the other lives?

Achieving harmony through festivals

There are two large-scale festivals that the foundation currently sponsors. One is in Russia, and the other in Japan, with each festival showcasing the shared culture for all to see. The festival in Japan is such a significant event that the celebration in its entirety takes the better half of a year! It’s a monumental project but one that the International Chodiev Foundation undertakes gladly. It isn’t to say that the J-fest celebration in Russia is inferior – as a matter of fact, its importance cannot be understated. It helps immensely in spreading Japanese culture throughout Russia, and it continues to be a source of inspiration.

To conclude, it’s understandable why certain countries can’t seem to get along. However, for the same reasons, Japan and Russia are able to respect each other’s way of life, and mutual respect has resulted in improved overall relations. Considering the pace at which the foundation is going, Russian Japanese ties will continue to lean toward the positive, allowing both peoples to influence each other in the best way possible. Perhaps the world might follow, and more countries take notice that a bit of cultural appreciation can make a real difference.


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