Things Couples Can Try And Enjoy In Bali, Indonesia!

Bali is a mix of many experiences and remains one of the most-frequented destinations in Asia for honeymooners and couples. It goes without saying that Bali is romantic, but to spice up things, we have a list of things you should certainly try here with the love of your life.

  1. Visit the Tanah Lot temple. Located right on the top of a huge rock, Tanah Lot is a temple that demands attention from locals and tourists alike. For those in love, this is a great place to sit together and enjoy the sunset.
  2. Head to Uluwatu. If one temple is not enough, you can visit another sea temple – Uluwatu. Again, the sunsets here are amazing, but there’s more peace and serenity and certainly less people. You also have a money forest around the temple premises. After all, couples can never seek enough blessings.

  1. Don’t miss the Ubud Art Market. Okay, this isn’t a romantic thing, but let’s agree that majority of women love shopping. You will find aplenty here in Ubud Art Market, which is open daily and is considered to be a hub of hand-crafted goods.
  2. Include Bali Safari & Marine Park in the list. If your partner is a fan of adventure, head to Bali Safari & Marine Park, which is the largest theme park in Bali. There are bus safaris that will take you around the animals that enjoy natural habitat in big enclosures.
  3. Book the best hotel. Couples to enjoy unique romantic hotels in Bali, which can be easily booked online. There are boutique hotels, as well, where you can indulge in couple spa after a long day of shopping around. We also recommend that you book in advance.

Finally, let’s talk of the trek to Mount Batur. You should start before dawn to summit Mount Batur, which is an experience in itself, but the actual fun lies in watching the sun rise from the mist. Located in central highlands of Bali, this place is around an hour’s drive from Ubud, and your hotel should be able to help you with the bookings and planning the hike. The hike doesn’t take more than three hours, and you can also go for a guided tour, which includes the breakfast.

If you are sure of the dates, you can save on airfare by booking a couple of months in advance. Pack your bags and head to Bali with your love.

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