Things Travelers can Look Forward to in Barbados

Barbados is a Caribbean island that is full of personality and color. The island is home to a number of the best beaches and friendly people in the world. People who are looking to have a vacation here will never run out of things do.  In fact, they can take advantage of the availability of Barbados Apartment Rentals for their accommodation. Here are some of the things Barbados has in stock for them:

Attractive Beaches

Barbados houses over 80 beaches. The reefs in the south coast make the island perfect for swimming. Those who love a wilder water dip can go to the east coast as current tends to be strong there. Upmarket travelers are often seen in the west coast who enjoy the crystal clear waters and white sand. This is where activities like snorkeling, sunbathing and swimming can be done.

Local Food

Every visit to the island is completed by trying some of its famous dishes. Travelers can choose from the many restaurants that serve local Bajan dishes and fresh seafood. Must-try dishes on the island include fishcakes, Cou Cou and flying fish, Rice and Peas as well as salt bread.

Local Rum

Barbados is where rum distillation happens. It has the best conditions for the sugar cane industry and travelers can take plantations and distillery tours. Rum tours allow them to see how the rum is made and taste it fresh.

Island Festivals

Depending on the timing of the vacation, travelers can enjoy some of Barbados’ festivals. These festivals are a celebration of heritage, food, life joys and culture. These festivals include the Barbados Reggae festival, Oistins fish festival and Barbados food, wine and rum festival.

Rich History and Heritage

Island visitors can go the capital of Bridgetown. This is where they can witness the abundance of and the Barbados Garrison, which is a UNESCO World Heritage. The island’s involvement in a lot of historical events paints its independence it gained fully in 1966.

Natural Wonders

Barbados is an island with stunning natural beauty. It boasts underground caves and tropical flowers. While a lot of the caves cannot be accessed by the public, some of them welcome public tours.  The Flower Fest is the best time of the year to be on the island to witness the best of its flora and fauna.

The island of Barbados has many things to offer to travelers no matter what time of the year they visit. Choosing a good villa helps visitors enjoy a more comfortable stay on the island.

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